Remember Advanced Memory Clinic

Remember is an innovative and comprehensive specialist medical clinic that offers integrated memory care. The human brain is an amazing, mysterious and complex organ which makes us who we are. As life progresses, the way the brain operates can change, leading to problems with memory and thinking. In most cases, these changes will not be too noticeable and are nothing to be concerned about. In some cases, however, a more serious problem- for example, dementia will be present.

Remember provides expert care in the evaluation of individuals with complaints of memory lapses, impaired problem solving, or other related symptoms. By thoroughly evaluating you or your loved one, we aim to determine whether a serious problem exists, the nature of that problem, and offer a comprehensive treatment program to slow its progression and minimise its effects.

Many of us do experience memory issues that are not related to dementia, but may be a result of a number of other influences or conditions. Remember brings together experts from a range of disciplines, administers detailed and scientifically validated neuropsychological evaluations, and arranges sophisticated blood testing and brain imaging in order to establish the diagnosis. Our individualised treatment program incorporates input from neurologists, neuropsychologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, exercise physiologists, dieticians, rehabilitation specialists and clinical psychologists.

This sophisticated approach is also offered to those who do not have dementia but have mild cognitive impairment (which can indicate a higher risk of eventually developing dementia). The same strategy can also be delivered to middle-aged and elderly people who don’t have memory issues but would like to remain mentally sharp and be proactive in minimising their chance of developing problems in the future.

Why Remember?

The diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, other forms of dementia, and conditions which can masquerade as dementia (for example, normal pressure hydrocephalus and depression) requires careful and thorough evaluation. By bringing together a group of specialists, each with their own area of expertise, we believe that we can offer reassurance to most, and can make an accurate diagnosis quickly in those with an underlying condition. Diagnosis is only the first part of the process; the next step is to customise a treatment plan which is right for you, and which incorporates many strategies.

If you or a relative are having memory problems and are not happy with the diagnosis and treatment, Remember offers the prospect of an accurate diagnosis and state-of-the-art memory treatment.

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